BioPure Technology

Manufacturers of Bio Processing Components and the Patented BioClamp®



Flow Path Component Manufacturing

BioPure Technology manufactures and distributes bio-processing flow path components including:

  • The BioClamp®
  • The BioBarb®
  • The BioValve®
  • Platinum Cured Silicone Tubing
  • PureWeld / TPE Tubing
  • Eldon James Adaptors
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BioPure Technology aims to simplify your production operations, lower your costs of GMP Pharma manufacturing, and reduce your process validations.

Introducing, The BioSelector® Design Tool

Helping you design and specify disposable systems in the biotech industry by avoiding misinterpretation and eliminating risk.

Bioselector Bioselector

Click the above image to learn more about the Bioselector®.


Bio Tube Applicator Product Catalogue online

The Bio Tube Applicator product catalogue is now available to view online. Explore the revolutionary features of this pneumatically operated tubing removal device and see the accessories available for it. We can provide bespoke solutions for your products being removed and our friendly team are here to help.

View the Bio Tube Applicator Catalogue Online
View the Bio Tube Applicator Catalogue Online

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Featured Products

Bio Valve
Precision Flow Control Valve
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Bio Clamps
Plastic TriClamps, 1/2" - 8" View More
Flat Bio End Cap
Flat Bio End Cap
1/2" - 2 1/2" End Caps
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